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The Formulation of an Alternative Fuel

PRODIFLEX, engineered a process that creates an alternative fuel briquette from coal fines and/or from other waste material, such as wood, organic material, or waste fluff. The result┬Čing product resembles charcoal briquettes, and when binder is added, the Energy Value of the fuel briquettes as well as its physical proprieties may be enhanced to meet customer specifications.

PRODIFLEX engineered and developed alternative fuel briquettes guarantee combustion properties, facilitate transport, and optimize material handling. The clean-burning characteristics of the PRODIFLEX briquettes enable them to be used for stoker fired boilers that generate steam and co-generate electricity as well as for domestic heat generation, at a lower cost and reduced impact for the environment.

Why Briquetting? It's Not Over, Till It's Over. Briquetting is the process that transforms a mass of flammable matter, usually coal and/or biomass, into a usable fuel able to start and maintain combustion. Currently, briquetting is undergoing a renaissance, principally due to the convergence of two critical factors. The recent developments in briquetting process design and binder innovations have dramatically changed the economics of using stoker fuel briquettes as an energy resource, thus making briquetting once again an attractive industry. In addition, there has been a steady increase in world-wide governmental pressure to address the problem of waste disposal, a dilemma that briquetting can help remedy.

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