A- Coal Briquettes


Recovery of Coal Fines:

Abandoned coal fines represent a continuing ad unnecessary liability to the mine owner and the environment; the PRODIFLEX Green technology can cost-effectively recover the energy value of this material. In South Africa alone, there are an estimated 500 Million tons of economically recoverable coal fines.

PRODIFLEX wishes to reduce these financial and environmental liabilities during the whole life of the mine as an ’’Intergraded Waste Recovery Model’’

Financial and environnemental Impacts of the briquetting process:


B- Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF):

Refuse derived fuels may be the greatest and most advantageous application of PRODIFLEX Green technology. By diverting the organic waste streams and recovering its inherent, and currently wasted, energy value, the positive financial and environment impact of the process is further improved.

RDF can be developed from a wide range of waste organic materials, blended or not with coal. The range of organic waste extend itself from industrial sludge to sawdust and organic wastes

The RDF can also be mixed with additive (binder) increasing the energy output and combustion behavior .

PRODIFLEX’s briquetting system is a practical and economically viable method for the beneficial reuse of various differing waste streams, including sawdust, wood waste, pulverized paper and paper waste in combination with a beneficial binder.

C -The Engineered Binder and Additives.

single stage extrusion

Not all biomass and wastes are naturally forming briquettes under pressure, nor do have an inherent energy level sufficient enough to be used directly as alternative fuel. For these specific wastes,  PRODIFLEX will be able provide the relevant binders to produce the most efficient solid fuel briquettes.

Once the Waste Biomass (coal fines, wood waste, household waste, etc.) has been  identified and the fuel user’s specifications determined, PRODIFLEX can provide an engineered binder or additive that will optimize the fuel briquette in terms of energy, sulfur and ash content as well as material handling characteristics.

PRODIFLEX can also provide customer support in the establishment of the actual characteristics of the Waste Biomass in  terms of combustion and/or chemistry evaluation.

D- Turn Key Process.

Part of the service provided, a complete turn-key and study can be established based on the following Milestones and steps:

turn Key process

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